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Okay, yes, the hype is quickly increasing to Twilight proportions. But one thing I can say about the Hunger Games trilogy is that… I actually liked the books.

It’s true. I happened upon them in my brother’s room a few months before news of the movies came out, and like a proper bibliophile I set about to reading them. I devoured the first book in hours.

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Granted, it’s an easy read, having been made for teenagers, but I can’t deny that Suzanne Collins managed to give me those special chills I get when perusing a book of constant excitement (I believe the critical term is “page-turner”). I especially liked how she kept the love story angle an angle, and not, as the case of certain other writers, the end-all, be-all of the plot.

So whether you’re a seasoned reader (and tough to impress, having been There And Back Again many times over) or a total noob (of the type to ask, Why Read When There’s A Movie), I suggest you give the novels a shot because

a) it’s a great place for neophytes to begin nurturing the bibliophile within… and a good way for old hands to give themselves a break from the intensity of, say, Robert Jordan’s (so far) 13-book read-a-thon. Also, 

b) how can anyone not like the idea of young people battling it out in a fight to the death? I mean really. It’s Battle Royale for teens and English-speakers.

One thing I will say against the books, though: the first one was the best. As I went on I began to get the feeling Collins was writing to finish instead of writing to write, which I thought was a shame.

Still, I recommend them for casual readers young and old—if only to be able to discuss with me whether or not Jennifer Lawrence was a good choice for the movie adaptation (for the record, I’m a fan).

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P.S. The first film’s coming out March 24 here in the Philippines, if I’m not mistaken. Catching Fire, the sequel, is set for November 2013.



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